lightehouse scrrenshot v2

Adding data to websites can improve visibility. "ootsta" implements LocalBusiness & JobPosting as `ld+json` with composer package `spatie/schema-org`. Localbusiness is served on `home` and includes multiple Locations. JobPosting integrated with XML-Sitemaps 'll be picked up by GoogleJobs. I actually was impressed how JobPostings with schema was picked up - published JobPostings were scraped and re-published on five to ten Job-Portals for free. It doesn't always seem to work that way but the "chicken/egg" situation Job-Portals seem to be in, opens interesting possibilities. JobPosting as a separate Module is an option. Schema for LocalBusiness with openingHours is ATM coppeled to tight with Locations to break it up.

Even tough Lighthouse scores and such are a "volatile good" depending on content "ootstra" gets decent scores running on Litespeed server. They take from Fr. 9.90 up to 24.90 CHF per month for a superb shared hosting.

  • With `.htaccess` a few relevant things are set for better caching performance. Images, CSS-, JS requirements are hashed anyway
  • "ootstra" uses http/2  serverpush for `app.js`& `style.css` and preconnect for GoogleFonts
  • The wonderful screenshot/heder-/hero image is uploaded as PNG and served as webp. WebP-Files are generated on the fly but after flushing on sites with many images, loading takes longer with `nomidi/silverstripe-webp-image` installed - some investigation or refinement is needed.